It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of James Zuniga on January 2, 2019. Read more

Thank you for a great turn out to our Annual July 4 Pancake breakfast. With your support we donated $6,300 to NorCal Trykers to purchase more AMTRYKE tricycles for kids with disabilities.

2019 Pink shirt Front Logo

The purpose of wearing Pink Shirts during the month of October is to show our support of Breast Cancer Awareness and to help raise money towards finding a cure. In one way or another, this terrible disease has affected us all. This is a small way in which we can band together and show a united public front that we wish to help this noble cause.  I hope that we will once again be able to unite for this cause and come together.

This year we will be donating all proceeds to the  Albie Aware Organization. It is a local organizations that provides assistance for life-saving diagnostic testing, patient advocacy, prevention education and compassionate support to local individuals facing or fighting breast cancer. It was created over 10 years ago and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization who’s purpose is to make people aware of cancer PREVENTION methods, to encourage self-examination and annual mammograms beginning at age 40 (earlier if you have a strong family history) for EARLY DETECTION, to be aware of the diagnostic tests available to determine the best TREATMENT for breast cancer and the early detection of a recurrence, and to provide financial assistance as well as advocacy when these tests are not covered by the insurance provider. If you would like to find out more about this organization you can find them at Albie Aware

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